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What is the Best Business VoIP Phone System?

If you run a business that deals with a lot of customers, then you will need to find an affordable way of handling phone calls. A good VoIP system can help with this by allowing you to handle a large number of calls with sophisticated routing options through software, and also by saving you money when it comes to making outgoing calls as well.

There are a huge number of different VoIP systems to choose from. There are dedicated hardware solutions, and then there are systems that are more of a Virtual PBX. Both of these have their own benefits and downsides. For a robust, large and easy to scale infrastructure, a dedicated VoIP compatible PBX could be the best option for you.

Software based PBX systems are a good option for business owners that want the low cost of entry and the flexibility of something that they can just set up and use on their own computer. However, they will probably need to have a good SIP trunk for stability and redundancy if they are serious about having their calls routed over their broadband line.

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VoIP systems have a somewhat bad reputation because in the old days they were often laggy, tinny and unclear. Call quality was a serious issue and calls would often end up being dropped because of lag or connection issues. This is no longer an issue. Modern business broadband connections are fast and the call quality between VoIP and copper lines is comparable in most cases. VoIP tends to be more cost effective, often more reliable, and generally a better option for a business that needs good call routing options. There are not many reasons to stay invested in the traditional telephone system unless you have a huge amount of hardware already that is not compatible with VoIP. Even then, it could be that you would save money and enjoy an ‘upgrade’ in terms of feature set if you were to invest in a good system for your call management.

Being able to use intuitive software to manage calls and route them between agents based on wait times or skillsets is something that is a huge benefit in a call center with multiple departments. It ensures that your agents are always fully utilized and it improves customer service too. This is something that you should definitely look at if you are using just a single line right now.