These days, it seems like it is getting harder and harder to find a property that is just right to call home. Not only are properties in high demand, but prices can seem excessive, to say the least.

Perhaps that is why the idea of a laneway home may have caught your attention in recent times. Let’s take a look at what laneway homes are and why they could be a good choice for living for many people.

What Is A Laneway Home?

These homes are normally built into lots which already exist, often they are built in the backyard and the existing property with the entrance being onto the back lane of the property. In general, we could say that a laneway home is often built in the place where a garage would normally be found in a lot which is for one family.

What Is The Typical Size Of A Laneway Home?

As is easy to imagine, due to the location where such homes are actually built, the size tends to be rather small. Some laneway homes are built on a larger scale, however, this can lead to issues with privacy to surrounding properties, as well as the laneway home itself.

Where is This Idea Of Housing Having Success?

On the west coast of Canada, in particular, in the Toronto area, laneway homes are becoming a popular choice. In fact, not just in the Toronto area, but in other built-up areas of Canada laneway homes are become rather a common feature.

What Are The Benefits Of Laneway Homes?

In terms of overall sustainability in a city, laneway homes could prove to be of much benefit. Such homes provide a place to live for people who work in the city so that they do not need to have the hassle of a long commute each morning to their place of work. In addition, for people who want to have a home located close to shops, the city center and the urban lifestyle, but do not have the sufficient funds for a typical townhouse, laneway home can prove to be a good option.

It’s true that laneway homes are not for everyone. That being said, they do come with a number of unique advantages. Both from a financial and location point of view, this form of housing could prove to be a good choice for many individuals, couples and small families.

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