A well-built awards structure can be a powerful motivational tool. It can spur team members to work harder and exceed goals. The details of the awards structure matter, though. How do you build an effective one that will be embraced by staff members?

Keep these basic ideas in mind:

Rewarding Sales Teams

The professionals who handle your sales business play a vital role in the company’s success. Sometimes, though, they can be exceptionally hard to motivate. The key to building a solid rewards program for salespeople is understanding their values. This insight makes it easier to identify the motivating factors that drive them and the rewards that will inspire them. Some basic suggestions:

  • Offer salespeople significant rewards (bonuses or extra vacation time, for instance) for exceeding sales targets
  • Structure rewards programs for salespeople so that they can easily track their progress toward goals
  • Build smaller incentives into the rewards structures so that they are motivated to reach milestones set by managers
  • Publicize your awards structure thoroughly so that every team member understands what it has to offer
  • Make the presentation of awards a special event (e.g. an awards night) so that exceptional achievers get recognition from peers and superiors

Peer-Nominated Awards

When your organization gets big enough, it becomes difficult to spot noteworthy performance at lower levels. Intermediate levels of management and the sheer size of the workforce can make it difficult to see which employees are going above and beyond to help their peers. Set up one or more awards that are open to peer nominations so that these under-recognized team heroes can get the recognition they deserve.

Employee Of The Month

Setting up a regular program to spotlight one employee’s contributions is a handy way to honor hard workers whose roles in the organization don’t include allow for easy quantification like the sales team. This award need not be a monthly recognition; you could always highlight individual employees on a quarterly basis. In order to have a positive morale effect, an employee of the month award should combine both communal recognition (e.g. a trophy or plaque) and private reward (e.g. a bonus or gift card). This ensures that staff members in every part of the organization will find the award worth pursuing.

Deliver Added Rewards For Consistent Performance

Truly exceptional team members aren’t just productivity boosters; they’re also long-term assets you want to keep inside the organization for as long as possible. Your awards structure can be built to recognize and reward consistently outstanding performance. In some companies, employees can earn additional awards by receiving other awards consistently. As an example, earning a “top achiever” award for two years running might earn a company-paid vacation on top of other rewards.

Setting up multiple awards schemes to meet the needs of all the different teams within your organization is easy when you have a clear understanding of how to motivate your employees. Once you put your systems into action, you should see them make a positive impact on both morale and productivity.

These days, it seems like it is getting harder and harder to find a property that is just right to call home. Not only are properties in high demand, but prices can seem excessive, to say the least.

Perhaps that is why the idea of a laneway home may have caught your attention in recent times. Let’s take a look at what laneway homes are and why they could be a good choice for living for many people.

What Is A Laneway Home?

These homes are normally built into lots which already exist, often they are built in the backyard and the existing property with the entrance being onto the back lane of the property. In general, we could say that a laneway home is often built in the place where a garage would normally be found in a lot which is for one family.

What Is The Typical Size Of A Laneway Home?

As is easy to imagine, due to the location where such homes are actually built, the size tends to be rather small. Some laneway homes are built on a larger scale, however, this can lead to issues with privacy to surrounding properties, as well as the laneway home itself.

Where is This Idea Of Housing Having Success?

On the west coast of Canada, in particular, in the Toronto area, laneway homes are becoming a popular choice. In fact, not just in the Toronto area, but in other built-up areas of Canada laneway homes are become rather a common feature.

What Are The Benefits Of Laneway Homes?

In terms of overall sustainability in a city, laneway homes could prove to be of much benefit. Such homes provide a place to live for people who work in the city so that they do not need to have the hassle of a long commute each morning to their place of work. In addition, for people who want to have a home located close to shops, the city center and the urban lifestyle, but do not have the sufficient funds for a typical townhouse, laneway home can prove to be a good option.

It’s true that laneway homes are not for everyone. That being said, they do come with a number of unique advantages. Both from a financial and location point of view, this form of housing could prove to be a good choice for many individuals, couples and small families.

Are you looking for ways to drop a few strokes off of your golf game? If you want to become a stronger and more successful golfer, you may want to consider investing in a laser range finder. If you pick up one of the best golf range finders on the market, you can definitely expect to see an improvement in your game.

Read Reviews And See Which Range Finders Have Received A Lot Of Praise

If your goal is to find the top range finders available right now, one of the best tools you’ll have are reviews. Try to read a number of reviews so that you can see which products people are raving over.

When you look at reviews, you shouldn’t just look at the scores that people have been assigning a product. In many cases, you’ll find valuable information within a review or a buyers guide. If you read reviews that others have marked as helpful, you’ll be able to learn quite a bit.

Figure Out What Your Priorities Are

You’ll find a variety of range finders on the market today. Because you’ll have a lot of options, you’ll want to find an easy way to narrow your choices down. You should think about what is important to you when you’re making your purchase.

Do you want to purchase a range finder that offers a lot of value? Are you interested in a product that offers a specific feature, like GPS? Do you want a range finder with slope? If you know what matters to you, you should be able to find a product that meets all of your needs.

Look Closely At The Manufacturer

It’s a wise idea to pay attention to the manufacturer that produced a range finder. If that manufacturer has a history of releasing well-made products, you can trust that their range finders will be well-made as well.

If you don’t know anything about a manufacturer, it’s a wise idea to do some research. Learn more about them and see what you are able to discover. Find out as much as you can about manufacturers so that you have a better idea of what to expect from your purchase.

Finding the best golf range finder on the market may take some time. You’ll probably want to look at quite a few options before you make any decisions. With that said, if you’re willing to take your time and explore your choices, you should eventually find a product that will help you to improve your golf game.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has radically changed the way companies think, behave and conduct business. The Internet is the largest consumer market, so for any company, it is important to penetrate this market. The art of SEO has become a self-sufficient and powerful industry within the framework of Internet marketing. In each country many companies have used the services of an SEO expert and a search engine optimization consulting firm.

Competition among entrepreneurs is tough and unforgivable. All, obviously, want to stay ahead of the other. Regardless of whether you are a large business or a small company, using search engine optimization can help you earn more. Many successful companies have achieved success using an SEO consultant.

The main reason for hiring a Toronto SEO consultant is, of course, getting expert services. With their help, they can rank your company’s website for search engines. In a busy Internet world, SEO services help you surpass your competitors. Everyone competes on Google’s home pages, which should also be a problem. The consultant will provide all the necessary instructions, recommendations and recommendations to make your company one of the most desired sites in your area.

If you do not have an SEO consultant right now, you need to get one name to promote your company and thus promote your business. There are numerous favourable circumstances, and in the meantime, there are no inconveniences on the off chance that you pick the best. Here are the expert administrations gave by a Toronto SEO master: rivalry examination, catchphrase research and watchword following, article composing, composing promotions for website improvement, connect investigation and third party referencing, and significantly more for your business.

An SEO consultant will enable you to concentrate more on your business, as opposed to attempting to comprehend the ideas of catchphrase seek, third-party referencing, or some other SEO idea. This will give you more opportunity to work to make your items adequately. In time, in the event that you need to find out about enhancing your inquiry, discover later from a consultant. It will likewise spare you an opportunity to get yourself or concentrate somewhere else.

Similarly, a consultant can provide you with an objective vision of the company. In many marketing campaigns, companies tend to advertise or advertise false ads only to communicate with people. Advertising can be very biased at times in the company, and many people can get away from this type of promotion. However, in the marketing of SEO, most articles are written on the Internet for the general public. This is done to ensure that the article is read by a wider audience, and not just read about one company.

SEO-consultant is very useful in creating waves on the Internet. They can perform a number of services depending on what you need. You will not worry about anything related to online marketing, and you can improve your business in the long run.

Your consultant should monitor your competitor’s sites and analyze which companies work well and why.

The best consultants do not provide you with a quick solution, because SEO is not a one-time thing. The SEO advisor for e-commerce should only add meta tags without changing the content and add internal external links in which search engines such as Google are not interested in meta tags.

Last but not least, your consultant should not use links or hidden text to increase keyword density or relevance of links, so search engines can flag your site as spam.

SEO is an excellent tool, and choosing the best SEO consultant is the most important task that helps develop your business and improve your business.


The computer science industry has seen an unprecedented mass exit of women who seemingly prefer jobs in other science industries. This has resulted in a significant decrease in female employees in the tech field notes the authors at Wire Guys, an organization that is trying to bring gender equality in this male dominated field.

The latest report from the National Center for Women And Information Technology revealed that there has been a drop of 11% in women holding computer related positions between 1991 and 2008 – declining from 36% to 25%.

According to Dr. Catherine Ashcraft, co-author of “Women in IT: The Facts“, there seem to be a variety of factors that have affected this mass exodus:

– The perception that there are no employment opportunities in the IT sector after the dot-com burst of the late 1990’s.
– The assumption that most tech-related jobs are being outsourced internationally.
– A large number of misconceptions regarding what the IT industry actually involves.
– The perception that tech jobs are for “nerds or geeks”.
– The greater visibility and attraction for employment in other science related fields.

And it isn’t only the amount of women entering the job market that has affected this decrease. Women who have been employed in the tech industry are leaving their jobs at an increased rate.

The report describes that attrition in the technology sector is significantly higher for women than men, as well as in the fields of science and engineering. Statistically speaking, only 17% of men will leave their tech job after a period of 10 years whereas between 41% and 56%  of women will explore other employment or career options after 10-20 years, considered to be the mid-point of their careers.

There do however seem to be two outstanding reasons why women are fleeing the tech field – difficulty in finding a balance between work and life as well as isolation.

Both women and men feel equally that success in technology and voip communication industry does not equate with having a quality family life outside of work, creating an imbalance between work and life.

Another reason seems to be “The Athena Factor” which was outlined in a Harvard Business Review report as the lack of female mentors or role models in the IT industry to attract women to tech field.

What can the tech industry do to halt this phenomenon and start attracting more women into the field?

Understanding that there is a problem and identifying the causes is the first step towards reversing the cycle. Changing stereotypes, overcoming communication challenges and investigating flexi-time or telecommuting options by training management to effectively deal with a diverse group of employees are all essential to retaining and attracting women to work in the tech industry.

Guest post by Dr. Radha Deshpande Nair from Ara Dental Clinic, a leading dental tourism provider.

Going to the dentist can be looked at by many as a fearful experience. Many times, people claim to have had a horrific and traumatic experiences at the dentist. But, this type of fear can be avoided if a person know’s how to find the best cosmetic dentist in Dadar, Mumbai. The first thing a person should do when looking for a new dentist, is to ask their friends and family members.. This is the best way to get a trusted and unbiased opinion on a reputable dentist. If needed, a person could also ask their current dentist who they would personally recommend, especially if their dentist is familiar with other dentists in the area.

No matter where a persons lives, whether they’re looking for a dentist in a large city like Mumbai, they will need to do a little more due diligence in order to find the perfect dentist for them. It’s important to figure out the accessibility requirements for traveling to different dental clinics. If someone cannot get to an appointment in time because the location is too far, it’s probably a good idea to look at closer options.

It is crucial to make sure the dental location chosen is clean and well kept, with respectful, caring, and pleasant staff. This is especially important for people that are fearful of the dentist. If unsure about payment or insurance options, it’s also vital that a person searching for a new dentists verifies that their insurance is accepted at the new office they’ve chosen. If the clinic doesn’t take a certain insurance provider, then that may not be the right dentist to pick.

So, for anyone looking for a new dentist to care for their teeth, they will find that there are many options available. Picking the right dentist is not hard if a person knows what to look for.

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bwnTour our site. Take time to read a profile about some of our members. They are women just like you… business women, career women, experienced women and young women developing their skills. Together we are a network, supporting one another for success.

Whether you have a home business, operate a small or medium-sized firm or are building a professional career, the Business Women’s Network offers a unique opportunity to connect with other women, promote your skills and services, share ideas, and grow personally and professionally.


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